Screen Installations

Chimney Screens are also known as “Spark Arrestors”


*** The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommends homeowners to cap and screen their chimneys. ***

Factory-built chimneys serving today’s modern prefabricated fireplaces are mostly of the air-cooled double or triple wall type listed to Underwriters Laboratories, UL 103 or UL 103 HT.

These chimneys stay cool by siphoning outside air throughout their air spaces within. Since warm air is dissipated at the chimney’s top (at the cap), nesting birds and other wildlife (squirrels, raccoon, etc.) are attracted to this area. Then the animal either builds a nest, or falls down to the lowest point in the system, usually the firebox. If the animal dies – unpleasant insect and odor problems begin, which can linger for several weeks.

In addition, when wildlife builds a nest that blocks the necessary airflow, overheating of the system will occur that can cause a fire.

The Chimney Department has unique, inexpensive solutions to these issues Adding a screen will prevent these types of problems, not only saving you time and money, but protects wildlife as well.

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