Fireplace Inserts

Open flame fireplaces, whether pre-fab or masonry offer around 15-20% efficiency. This means that most of the heat is lost up the chimney flue. The grate and firebox will become warm from convected heat and then radiate heat into the home. Most of the time you will have to be in very close proximity to the fireplace to feel the actual or “sensible” heat.

We offer two types of fireplace inserts:

Direct Vent Gas Insert

fireplace-inserts1Direct Vent Gas Inserts typically range from 20,000-35,000 btu’s. They offer 110 cfm blower motor and are capable of heating a 1600 sq/ft home. Gas inserts are given an 80-90% efficiency rating and cost roughly 15-20 cents per hour to operate.

Woodburning Insert

fireplace-inserts2Wood burning inserts range from 40,000-65,000 btu’s. They offer 1 or 2 110 cfm blower motors and are capable of heating a 1600-2000 sq/ft home. Wood burning inserts are given an 80% efficiency rating.

Both types of inserts are capable of being installed in masonry fireplaces. They are also listed for install into zero clearance applications such as pre-fabricated fireplaces. With the money that is saved in energy costs from operating either appliance, they pay for themselves quickly.