Dryer Vent Cleaning

The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

clogged-ventHaving your dryer vent cleaned improves efficiency of your dryer installation. As dryer vents become filled with lint and other debris, drying time increases and can cause the dryer itself to overheat. Since the dryer has to run longer to dry your clothes, this increases energy consumption and can also cause fires in the dryer or the dryer duct. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports dryer related home fires are on the increase.

In addition, in 2006, the National Fire Protection Association reported the following statistics:

Clothes Dryer Fires – 17,700

Civilian Deaths – 360

dryer-fireDirect Property Damage – $194 million

SOURCE: NFPA “Home Fires Involving Clothes Dryers and Washing Machines By. John Hall, Jr. March 2009.

The leading factor contributing to ignition (of a clothes dryer vent) was failure to clean.

This type of tragedy can be avoided by inspection and maintenance of the dryer vent, by our Certified Dryer Duct Exhaust Technicians & Professional Firefighters. 

If you have noticed that your dryer is running longer than it used to, you may need to have the dryer vent cleaned. Some dryer vents are relatively short and straight and can be cleaned easily by the homeowner, but others aren’t that easy and may require the use of special tools and equipment.

Chimney Department Dryer Vent Cleaning

We have tools specifically designed to clean dryer vents and with these tools we are able to do a thorough job of cleaning even the most difficult installations. While dryer vents are routinely blocked with lint, animal nesting is also another frequent cause of dryer vent blockage and our equipment allows us to remove these blockages as well. At the Chimney Department, we use the pro-spin method that is able to navigate several 90° turns.

Carbon monoxide seepage into your home is another problem created by blocked dryer vents serving gas dryers. CO can back up into the home if the dryer is not exhausting properly outdoors.

At the Chimney Department, we also measure the duct back pressure before and after the cleaning process to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning. This also helps insure your dryer duct installation does not exceed recommended limits.

For more information and to schedule a dryer vent cleaning, call 630-584-6620.