Chase Covers

What Is A Chimney Chase Cover?

A proper Chase Cover is 26 gauge stainless steel hood that covers the top of a chimney that contains one or more factory built, prefabricated fireplaces and their venting systems (chimneys). The Chase Cover should have a 4-inch down hang, closed and sealed corners, and incorporate a drip edge. The chimney pass-through should be extruded (pressed) into the main body of the Chase Cover. This eliminates leaking and allows room for expansion and contraction of the chimney as it heats and cools. In addition, a storm-collar and chimney cap are added at the time of the installation to insure proper water shedding.

The Chase cover you see below is old, rusted and was installed by the original builder.


Why Would A Chase Cover Need Replacing?

Most chase covers installed at the time of original construction, were built of a very thin 30 gauge sheet metal, which was bent on the construction site, usually by hand. This resulted in a poor fitting cover that did not allow for expansion, contraction, or proper water shedding, causing excessive wear, rusting and leaking into the chase cover and ultimately the fireplace.

What Makes Our Chase Covers The Best?

Our Chase Covers are customized to fit your chimney’s exact specifications. We use highly trained stainless steel professionals to make our chase covers, specifically for the Chimney Department.

The new Chase Cover you see below is properly fitted to meet the exact measurements of the chimney.


Benefits of a Properly Sized Chase Cover

By providing proper water shedding of the chimney, a properly sized Chase Cover prevents water damage and discoloration (rust stains) of the wood chase and preserves the integrity and safety of your prefabricated (metal) fireplace. It also enhances the appearance of your home.

A newly installed custom Chase Cover for a Pre-Fabricated Chimney.


Our custom built Chase Covers carry a lifetime rust through warranty.