Energy Saving Options from the Chimney Department

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Chimney Department, Ltd. would like to let you know we have partnered with Ambit Energy to help our customers save on their gas and electric supply costs on their ComEd and Nicor Bills.

Let us ask you a few questions. How many people, including yourself, do you know use electricity and/or natural gas? Second, do you think they/you would like to pay less or, potentially, get it for free? The answers are pretty obvious. Knowing that there are a number of alternative energy companies offering savings on electricity and natural gas, we researched some companies and found Ambit Energy with an “A+” rating by Better Business Bureau and very high ratings with many utility boards around the country. Ambit is the only energy company that shows they have saved customers money according to the Illinois Citizens Utility Board Gas Market Monitor.

Please take a few moments to look at a short video that explains how their program works.



They are currently 19% cheaper than Com Ed and if you only want to save money, it is free to join, free to change plans, and free to cancel at any time. You simply pay less for what you are already using the same way you already do. Virtually nothing changes.  They also guarantee at least a 1% savings annually on your Nicor supply. You cannot lose money.

ambitWe value your opinion regarding Ambit. We are very excited about this company. Not only about what they have already accomplished, but the way they are growing, and that they are helping people not only save money but also to create wealth.

They are already the 15th largest revenue company in the Direct Selling Association and they are only six years old and thus far in only 9 states and DC. As they continue to grow in the states they are currently in, they already have plans for expansion into new territories. For us, Ambit represents a business opportunity with flexibility that does not require us to educate people as to why they need to buy something they have thus far done without, but rather simply offer a way to save money on utilities they already purchase every month and use every day. We are interested to hear what you think about Ambit Energy.

Please feel free to contact us so that you can at the very least save yourself some money. The two websites above are direct links. Please click on the link to see how you can save on your utilities (no cost, no fees or hassles if you tire of saving money each month). Or, you can call one of the company’s Senior Consultants, Ken Negley, directly at (847) 208-0252.  He is our business partner with Ambit Energy who is helping people get started both locally and across the country. Please mention the Chimney Department, Ltd. when you talk with him, hopefully as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and for sharing your thoughts,

Best Regards,

Chimney Department, Ltd.